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We are an Istanbul based company with a wide range of sealing
solutions with 30 years of experience. We have served for the
global market with dedicated passion since the day we established.

Made in Turkey*

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Regional Benefit

Thanks to advantage of our location it enables us to provide our customers an excellent logistics which works 100%

Long Term Partnership

Your satisfaction is our motivation, we believe that trusted relationships create consistent workflow.

Unique Solutions

Our expertise is to engineer bespoke seals that create flexible production ability in any field of sealing sectors.

Our Vision*

What we aspire?

We at Plastfit aspires to deliver the best service to our valued customers. We aspire to add value, optimize performance and solve our customer’s sealing problems by providing advanced sealing solutions for their most critical applications. Here at Plastfit we labor to provide our customers with outstanding quality, responsiveness, fast deliveries and technical expertise. We also aspire to fulfill our responsibility towards the environment, in which we fully comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

If you ask us what do we aspire to leave behind?
- A positive impact and a legacy of greatness.

Foremost Purposes*

The most accurate sealing solutions

We are ready to become your solution
partner in any field of sealing sector
Benefit from our expertise.